GSoC project summary

GSoC 2016 has come to an end! It was a lot of fun working on this project and I feel that I learned a great deal since its onset. I’m very grateful to my project mentors Benjamin Hutz and Miguel Marco for all of their help and guidance during the program, and to Google and […]

Weeks 8-10 (July 11-31)

In the last three weeks, my primary focus has been working on learning the background for and implementing resolution of singularities functionality for algebraic curves in Sage. There are just two weeks left in GSoC 2016 before the final evaluation week, August 15-23. In the first week, I worked on trying to improve the efficiency […]

Weeks 6,7 (June 28 – July 10)

We’re two weeks into the second half of GSoC 2016. The current goal is implementing resolution of singularities for algebraic curves via blow-ups. My mentors and I have discussed ways to implement blow-ups for curves in Sage, and settled on describing the blow-ups with collections of affine charts. Progress in weeks 6, 7 has been […]

GSoC midterm summary (June 20-27)

This week is the midterm evaluation period for GSoC. In this post I will provide a description of what’s been accomplished so far and give some examples of the new functionality that’s been implemented. The tickets that have been opened for this project as of now are #20676, #20697, #20698, #20774, #20811, #20790, #20839, and […]

Weeks 2,3 (May 30 – June 12)

GSoC is one week away from its midterm evaluation period (June 20-27). Progress for this algebraic curves project over the last two weeks has been to finish reviewing tickets #20676, #20697, #20698 which have now been merged into the Sage code base, and to work on implementing more of the basic algebraic curve functionality.  The new […]

Week 1 (May 23-29)

The first week of GSoC 2016 has just wrapped up. The main goal for this week was to get started with rearranging the class structure of generic algebraic curves in Sage. In particular, I worked with my project mentors to open tickets for changing the inheritance structure of the existing projective/affine curve classes in Sage and […]

GSoC 2016

Hello all! This blog serves as a place to document the progress made on the GSoC 2016 project “Expand the generic algebraic curve functionality in Sage.” A short abstract for this project can be found here. Currently GSoC is in its community bonding period in which participants interact with the communities they are working with […]