GSoC 2016

Hello all!

This blog serves as a place to document the progress made on the GSoC 2016 project “Expand the generic algebraic curve functionality in Sage.” A short abstract for this project can be found here. Currently GSoC is in its community bonding period in which participants interact with the communities they are working with and set up what they need in order to start working. I will start updating this blog with descriptions of the progress made and links to the relevant trac tickets after the GSoC coding period begins on May 23rd.

Here is a general timeline I aim to follow during the project:

 – May 23rd: Test the Singular functionality for genus computation and rational parameterization.
May 23rd – May 31st: Basic functionality for generic algebraic curves. Singularity analysis. Genus and degree computation.
June 1st – June 9th: Intersection analysis.
June 10th – June 19th: Plane curve models.
June 20th – June 27th: Midterm evaluation period. Finish up any leftovers from the previous objectives.
June 28th – July 8th: Ordinary plane curve models.
July 9th – July 27th: Resolution of singularities via blow ups.
July 28th – August 7th: Rational parameterizations.
August 8th – August 14th: Extra time slot if needed. If the previous goals have been met, this time could be used to work on an extra time topic such as proper parameterizations, inversion, implicitization, or random curves, or to work on implementing alternate algorithms for resolution of singularities.
August 15th – August 23rd: Final evaluation week.


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